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Webmaster requirements and salary

Webmaster Requirements and Salary

Webmaster Requirements and Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications for a Webmaster A Webmaster requires a TON of IT technical skills. A WEBMASTER! Has to have experience with SEO, programming troubleshooting software, and/or hardware for your company website. Did you know? Webmasters must have at least a 5-year degree in cybersecurity, web design, SEO, SEM, …

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SEO Search Engine Optimization services web design Philippines

What Is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

Basic SEO starts with a webmaster who really knows SEO and MORE! So what exactly is SEO or “Search Engine Optimization?” I have spent the last 24 years studying and following trends in SEO, studying algorithms that the popular search engines set forth like Panda algorithms and other complicated algorithms by BING and Yahoo search …

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Social Marketing Automation

How the Philippines Hotel & Resort Industry is Using Social Media

We offer customized Social Media Management Services, customized content creation and we write research-supported social media content for your business.

linkedin bohol philippines

Linkedin Now Reaches One Million Philippines Users!

Congratulations for being among the first Million users from the Philippines Last week a tremendous milestone was achieved when Philippines LinkedIn users reached 1 million members on the LinkedIn network! LinkedIn connects over 150 million members worldwide to find jobs, gain and share insights, grow your resort or Bohol hotel business and much more. Grow …

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