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We detect and remove fake business reviews

How We Detect and Remove Fake Business Reviews With the Help of Google

It’s not a secret that your competitor’s businesses try to boost their online presence through fake posting FAKE reviews on Google, and Bohol Web Design and Google are taking steps to stop this!

Recently, Google revealed some methods they use to detect fake local business reviews and explained why it’s so important for businesses to have real customer reviews.
Let’s take a look at how Google detects False/Fake reviews and what this means for your business.

How Does Bohol Web Design and Google Catch Fake Reviews For Businesses?

Google and Bohol Web Design have several techniques they use to identify fake reviews.
First, we take into account the reputation of the review source itself.
If a review source is known for creating false reviews, then all the reviews from that source will be flagged as suspicious.
Additionally, Google also looks at how fast the review was written after a purchase was made or an booking occurred and if it takes too long for someone to leave a review, then it’s likely that it wasn’t a genuine customer but a competitor trying to manipulate your reviews as well as your reputation.

If there are too many similar-sounding words or descriptions in multiple reviews from different people, that could indicate that someone is trying to write multiple fake reviews using one template. Finally, if a business is paying customers or offering incentives for leaving positive feedback, then those reviews will be immediately flagged as suspicious by Google’s algorithms.

Why Is It Important To Have Genuine Reviews for your business from REAL Customers?

Genuine customer feedback provides valuable insight into how customers perceive your business and can help you (The Business Owner) understand where you need to improve your products or services.

Our studies have shown that customers are more likely to purchase goods and services from businesses with positive ratings and good customer feedback and real reviews than those without them.

Therefore, having authentic customer reviews can give your business an edge over competitors who don’t have any legitimate customer feedback. Furthermore, if potential customers search for your business online and see only negative comments or no comments, they may be less inclined to do business with you since they won’t know anything about your quality of service or product offerings without reading genuine customer testimonials first.

Both Google and Bohol Web Design are working hard to fight against fake local business ratings is crucial!

It really helps keep honest businesses competitive while preventing illegitimate companies from manipulating the review system with false and fake reviews.

By understanding how Bohol Web Design and working together with Google to catch these fraudulent reviews, businesses can better protect themselves against unwanted attention and make sure their ratings reflect their true quality of service.

Ultimately? This keeps everyone on an even playing field when it comes time for potential customers to decide on which company’s products and services they want to use, and that’s always beneficial for honest businesses!

What to do if you feel your business has been a victim of FAKE reviews from a competior?

Please Contact Bohol Web Design. We work with Google Places For Business on a Daily Basis for all of our clients.