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Top 10 Branding Tools You Must Have In Your Arsenal Boholwebdesign

Top 10 Branding Tools You Must Have in Your Arsenal

The process of marketing your brand and becoming the market leader in your industry can seem overwhelming. The truth is, thanks to many resources such as branding tools, it should be much easier than you expected.

So, what are the top 10 Branding Tools You Must Have in Your Arsenal?

What are Branding tools?

Many of them are available online, and most are free of charge, which will give you practical ways of making your company and make your business more visible as well as more appealing to potential customers.
They will also help to get the right message out there so you can impress your audience.
You only have to do a quick search to find tools online, but to save you the effort of identifying the best ones, we’ve compiled a list of resources all businesses should be using.

Social Media Done Right with HootSuite

Hopefully, you’re already prioritizing social media as part of your marketing campaigns. Remember you don’t have to do all the work yourself, such as copying content from one platform to another. With a social media management tool like HootSuite, much of the work is done for you, such as sharing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more by only creating one post.
You can schedule upcoming posts so social media doesn’t influence other responsibilities during the day. The platform also offers analytics services to help you identify what works for engaging your audience. There’s a 30-day free trial to get you started.

The RIGHT Logo with Logo Design

Your logo is a major part of your branding because it’s this along with your company colors that you want well known. The logo’s design can make or break it, which makes logo design tools like so valuable. This platform offers quality logos, ready for use, which you can customize to your exact preferences.

Use Video Like a Pro with Hippo Video

To stand out you need to use mediums that people react to, and for this, video is most effective. The videos must be of high quality though and Hippo Video can help with this. From creating a video to adding a form or CTA to one to enhance engagement, you can do it no matter your level of experience.
The good news is that there’s a free option to see if it works for you.

Email Communication with MailChimp

Email is still essential in any branding campaign but it shouldn’t be taking up much of your time. MailChimp automates many of your email marketing tasks, which simplifies your workflow.
The first benefit here is that you’re saving time, but MailChimp also ensures that you don’t forget to follow up on leads. Each successful engagement will help build your brand. You’re also sharing a professional view of your brand because MailChimp helps you create quality, branded emails effortlessly.
MailChimp does offer a variety of other services too, such as landing page creation, surveys, and analytics, so it can fulfill many needs in your branding campaign.

Print Media with Vector Magic

Printed marketing material will be important even with the increased popularity of digital advertising. You need content in vector format if you want to ensure quality prints that communicate your professionalism. The challenge is that you may not have an in-house designer or the right tools to prepare content for printing. Vector Magic solves this challenge, saving you time and ensuring you present a professional look wherever your audience sees your information.

For example, simply upload JPG or GIF images to VectorMagic and the tool will convert them to other file types such as PDFs. Vectorization happens with remarkable precision and you can review or even edit a file before you download it again to send it off to the printer.

Manage Your Associations with TapInfluencer

Using market influencers is becoming a popular trend in branding and content marketing but in order for this to work, you need to connect with the right role players. TapInfluencer provides valuable information about influencer marketing all on one platform and helps you manage the content you’ll share:

  • Find an influencer that will attract your target audience
  • Get them to help you market your brand
  • Use the platform to track your performance so you know when to make changes

Visual Resources with Visme

You’ll use images in many ways throughout branding campaigns, whether you want to quickly share company news on Facebook or prepare a presentation. Visme helps you seem professional even if you’re not a pro designer, thanks to many templates you can customize them to your needs. The drag-and-drop method is simple enough for any newbie.

Know the Market with SurveyMonkey

To do effective brand marketing you need continuous market research and feedback from your audience. A survey can give you valuable information about client needs or how others view your brand.

SurveyMonkey makes the research process easy, by empowering you to create a custom survey effortlessly. Also, you’re able to distribute and receive feedback via various channels, including social media. There are specialized options, for example, to help you improve customer experiences.
This is not a free tool, but there are different packages to help you make it work for your budget.

Website Tracking Magic with Google Analytics

While you probably know how important it is to have a website, it doesn’t stop there. You need to manage its impact or it won’t benefit your branding at all. Google Analytics provides comprehensive information, based on in-depth data analysis, relating to your site and online presence. Use this to guide you in future decisions about online marketing.

Get Personal with BrandYourself

When you’ve established your brand, you need to protect it. With BrandYourself you can monitor what’s being said about you and your company, such as finding and removing unprofessional content others have posted that link to your social media. You can also make sure private information such as your personal address isn’t available online. The tool helps you search for information and then edit and manage it.

In Conclusion

There are many more branding resources out there and you can incorporate ones that are relevant to your branding needs. But the tools above are ones no one should ignore. Best of all, most of them are so user-friendly that they’ll speed up your workflow instead of adding more work to your to-do list.

Do you have more tips for other readers? Please share them in the comments section below.