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Website Marketing and search Engine marketing (SEM): ExplainedWebsite Marketing and search Engine marketing (SEM): Explained

Experience high-volume sales and traffic using SEO and SEM:
The Most effective form of Internet marketing

Facts About Search Engines & Search Engine Marketing:

NOTE: If you’re sick and tired of struggling to get traffic to your website, or fed up with people talking about “free” traffic methods that don’t work, then please read this entire page!

Try a Search In Google for “Website Marketing and Search Engine Marketing Explained
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Why? The answer is simple … (SEO),(SEM) and (W3C) and 12 years of experience in Web SEO and SEM research and study….

In 2011- Forrester Research released these basic statistics about search traffic:

– 93% of all Internet traffic is generated from Internet search engines
– 89% of them are first-time visitors
– 99% of Internet searchers do not search beyond the top 30 results
– 97% of them never look beyond the top three results
– Top 10 positions receive 78% more traffic than those in positions 11-30
– 65% of online revenue is generated from Websites in the top three positions on search engine results pages (SERPs)
– 93% of global consumers use search engines to find Websites
– 76.7% of Google users use the natural search links (organic unpaid listings)

How do I Increase sales by 40-70 percent?

Take your business online with us to experience, SEO and Search Engine Marketing:
an effective form of market advertising!

Think about it…..

Why chase potential customers when you can get them to come to you?

Every day, thousands of consumers use Yahoo! Search to locate for products and services. They are ready to purchase. Why not let them look at what you have to offer?

SEO! It’s cost-effective.

Rather than spending heaps on mass advertising to attract just a few potential customers, why not talk only to the people who are already searching for what you sell? And don’t take out word for it – you will be able to monitor how many people have seen and clicked on your Search Result, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You take charge.

Very simply, you pick search words or phrases relevant to your business. When a potential customer searches with those words, your listing appears at the top of the Search Results pages. Your ad is prominent – customers see your listing before the regular Search Results.

When a potential customer searches on any of these terms on any Search engine, your listing will appear among the top ten search results.

Social Bookmarking and link-back marketing.

Optimizing web pages for Google and other search engines is not enough. Link-back marketing is the affective way to increase your PR rating.
Sites such as Stumble Upon, Digg and make it easy to share the latest advances and additions to your website with the world at large, and they can provide a customer with a great stream of traffic we use Social Bookmark Scripts and SEO (search engine optimization) for all our websites with interactive web 2.0 applications.

A successful concept for your online marketing has to be regarded in a more comprehensive way and must include the community

Web 2.0 is part of the community and vice versa. Social bookmarking is part of it, too.

The Social Bookmark Script automatically adds link icons from the best social bookmark services to your web page in order to enable your visitors to set a public bookmark for your site by mouse-click. We make the best possible use of the tools available to you to maximize your chances of seeing lots of traffic coming your way.

Do I need to re-submit my site to the search engines?

The simple answer is – no. Search engine spiders are always out there doing their job and collecting information. Every time you update your website, add content, or change your keywords, the search engines capture the information and record it.

But we do Submit to the top search engines in the world manually anyway to make 100% sure your site is found.

What are spiders?

Search engine spiders are also called web crawlers or bot. They’re basically automated programs which scan websites to provide information to search engines often for the purpose of indexing or ranking them.

How does content help my SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Content is one of the best tools to improve your search engine ranking. It is a great place to emphasize keywords, encourage linking to your site, and increase traffic. The key to content is to make sure you’re offering quality content and you’re updating your website and your content frequently.

Content can be provided in many forms including:

* Blogs
* Forums and chat rooms
* Articles (like this article about SEO/SEM)
* Reviews
* Case studies
* Reports
* How to guides
* Tutorials
* e-books and much more.

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