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How the Philippines Hotel & Resort Industry is Using Social Media

Sorry to say, but very few Resorts and Hotels DO NOT realize the importance of Social Media Marketing as their revenue cash cow.

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Truth is, when it comes to business owners in Bohol, or the Philippines, Advertising their business is mostly ignored and IT departments are spending more time on Facebook and other social networks, Socializing with their significant other and not realizing that they are MISSING OUT on drawing in potential customers.

Most resorts and hotels, even small businesses have failed to recognize that social media marketing and having a “UP TO DATE” FULLY FUNCTIONAL (mom-and-pop broken website on Facebook or Weebly doesn’t count) Website and established domain, as well as an accurate listing on Google Maps means so much to travelers wanting to find information about the WHERE TO STAY AND WHAT ATTRACTIONS THERE ARE HERE.

Most businesses should have some sort of social media page. With this, your promotional events and specials get a high rate of return for your resort or hotel. This kind of social networking takes some time and effort, and the expense of not networking on social networks is huge when you consider the costs of empty rooms. When promoting local businesses on social networks, everybody wins!

We offer customized Social Media Management Services and customized content creation and we write research-supported social media content for your business. We save you the time and hassle of creating content by researching what your customers want to hear about and implementing those concepts on social media for you daily. We know what, when, and how to post on social media networks for the most effective reach.

Interested in this service? Contact us for making your business more accessible on social networks in order to save you time and money.

1 thought on “How the Philippines Hotel & Resort Industry is Using Social Media”

  1. This is the absolute sad reality about hotels and resorts in the Philippines not having updated websites and relying heavily on having plain social media accounts and free web services that includes their name on the domain like Weebly. You just can’t imagine how users feel getting directed on websites only to find out that contents are outdated or ending up on free websites. How can trust manifest if that will always be the case. Hotels and resorts are losing big opportunities. I think it’s about time that businesses, not only hotels and resorts invest heavily on website and digital marketing because it’s the only way to get ahead of the competition and spend minimal on something that will yield big return.

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