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To Outsource or not to Outsource

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

Why you should never hire a company that outsources your work to another company. Just because you can outsource a task doesn’t mean you should.
Ok, your ready to start that website you have always wanted. You find a company that says “Sure We Will Build Your Website For You” and sends it to some other country to get it built. Who in their right mind would do this? Allot of people and big corporations, that’s who. You as the customer, will end up paying $2,500 to $5,000 for a $45 job without knowing it. Sad right? Not really, this could have been avoided by hiring a Web Designer or Webmaster directly.

And when you have problems or issues with your “Outsourced Project” now you have to go through 2 different companies which will take allot longer than going through one person.

Another huge disadvantage of outsourcing is the risk of losing extremely private data to thieves 12,000 miles away and the loss of confidentiality.

It is important to follow up on the company that outsourced your work to another company simply for profit with little or no accusal work, to make sure they dont just sell the job to some far away place that most (Not All) are high school or lower students trying to make website.

In addition, Losing management control of business functions means that you may no longer be able to control operations and deliverable activities that you outsource.
Serious problems with quality (Like Bad Grammar, misspelled words, broken code, spam etc) can arise if the outsourcing provider doesn’t have proper knowledge of your business and/ or is inexperienced in working in an outsourcing relationship.

Since the third party outsourcing provider may work with many other customers at once, they might not give your project 100% of the time and attention needed for a single company. This results in flaws, delays and inaccuracies in the work provided.

Also, hidden costs and legal problems may arise if the outsourcing terms and conditions are not clearly defined.

Risks like bankruptcy and financial loss cannot be controlled when dealing with a company you dont even know about.
Not understanding the culture and ability of the outsourcing provider and the location where the company you hired to outsource your project will lead to poor communication and lower productivity.

Though outsourcing has its share of advantages and disadvantages, the many headaches that outsourcing brings far outweigh its advantages.

This is why you should never hire a company that outsources to another company! Outsourcing to a third party = poor quality & non-scalable product. Period. End of story.