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Yahoo Search? Bing Search? Google Search?

What search engines do you use the most and which search engines rank you the highest?

Yahoo Search? Bing Search? or Google Search?
Well this is strange to say the least. Yahoo search loves this website. Bing search engine loves this website as well. But Google has proven time and time again to be the one to get confused. Why you ask? Because Google has put so many filters in their algorithm that relevant websites don’t appear in their results any more.

Example… Do a search for “Bohol web design” in Google, Bing and Yahoo. #2 in Google #1 In Yahoo and #1 in Bing? Ok what happened to Google search?

Repeat the search for my website  “Philippines Web Design” and you will find my site on top for Yahoo and Bing But 3 pages back on Google???? Hey Google wake up! DUH!

Google search has decided that the people spending money on Google adwords is only worthy of the top postilions both paid AND ORGANIC search results.

Some search engines recognize talent…some do not, like Google. I will explain in detail.

I write about 3-5 articles a week into 150 networks to keep my clients informed of trending search and algorithm changes within the search engines.

I use this Blog and others to keep them up-to-date via Fare enough right? When i offer copied, poor or No-Content bad grammar articles, No Back link no information website trumps me in the search results in Google, i start to question Google’s algorithms. And wonder if the “Paying Websites” are ranking #1 because of how much they pay blcakhat seo or what?. This is for Organic search results as well as paid-per-click results which seem to be as lately one in the same.

Oh, Please correct me if i’m wrong but Google search seems to be getting dumber every day instead of providing relevant results for its hard working organic clients.
I will now change over to Yahoo or Bing search results for more accurate information on what really the scoop on search.
Google is a big Dumb Search engine! and getting dumber by the day!