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How to deal with a nasty cursing customer

How to Deal With a NASTY Cursing Customer

There are many situations in which we have to deal with NASTY Cursing Customers. Dealing with people who use nasty foul language.

Finding the right way to deal with the person who is generally unpleasant and de-escalating them, depends on the relationship with them and you as a person.

Dealing With foul mouth customers, still, the basic rules of customer service apply:

Be calm and respectful, and demonstrate you understand their problem.
With a customer that constantly belittles you, curses at you for no reason, and is just angry, confront them directly with your feelings.
Ask them to please stop using profanity!

When correcting a foul-mouthed nasty asshole customer, you should always use discipline and find ways to minimize their foul mouth and nasty cursing.

I Learned to Stay calm.

I can take a customer bitching and cursing me out for something that has nothing to do with me. Yes, I can take it, no problem.
Sometimes people get really nasty and outraged because of something other than what you have done. Don’t take it personally ~!!!

Don’t take it personally!

It’s their problem, and you are the one who has to take it in!
Again it depends on how much they pay and how much you are willing to take!

How to Deal With a NASTY Cursing Customer! Welcome to LIFE people!

I Do not reply with anger just because the customer is being immature and working through their anger in an unhealthy way.
For instance, if you’re on the phone or responding to an email, with a customer, do not hang up on them (or leave them hanging via email) as soon as they start cursing.
If you react angrily, you might escalate the situation, and both you and the customer could end up even more aggravated than you already are.

Rule #1: Pay attention to your volume and tone of voice. Use a gentle, even tone when replying to angry customers.
Rule #2: Remain calm and aware of your emotions. If you don’t think you can handle a certain call, tell the person that you’ll talk later and never say “Calm Down” this will just escalate the customer.
It is easier to tune out or forgive swearing against a product, company, or service than it is to forgive someone swearing at you personally.
In either case, however, see rule #3
Rule #3: stay calm and do not respond in anger.
Remember, the irate customer does not know you, and you did not personally cause whatever misfortune they are experiencing.

Don’t let their foul language rattle you or make you feel personally guilty, angry, or incompetent.

I have 24 years of experience with nasty foul mouth angry customers.
Sometimes I just give them A x10 dose of their own medicine. AND CUSS THEM THE F**K out.

Then, sometimes I “de-escalate them” and take it up in the “YOU KNOW WHAT”.

It depends on how much they are paying you to put up with the nastiness!

Sometimes I Validate their feelings to calm them down.

Sometimes, the angry customer feels unheard or ignored, and so they act out in desperation.
You can eliminate this by showing that you care about their situation and are willing to listen.
Validating their feelings can calm them down by making them feel understood.

Examples of this:

  1. “I can tell you’re upset. Let me help you NOW”
  2. “That sounds frustrating to deal with. Im here to help. Please let me help you.”
  3. “Yes, that definitely sounds like a problem. What do you need me to do to fix this?”
  4. “I’m sorry to hear about that. It sounds difficult to deal with. I am here to help you, so let’s get this resolved.”

Most of the time you will resolve an angry customer using this:

Tell the customer that using profanity will not solve their problem.
Sometimes, when a customer is extreme and anialy frustrated, they forget about their manners.

Remind that customer that while you are sorry, no amount of cursing and acting like an A*****E will solve the problem they’re experiencing.

  1. “I understand you’re upset. Cursing at me will not help me fix your problem.”
  2. “I know this is frustrating. I am on your team here, and profanity isn’t going to help me help you.”
  3. “I have a hard time focusing when people are yelling at me. If you want my help, please lower your volume, or come back later once you’ve calmed down.”

In Conclusion:

When you do business, you will always run into these ANGRY NASTY people that think that their S**t smells better than yours.
Take a deep breath and think about how to deal with it!
My best advice? Warn the customer that they will not receive help if they continue to curse.
Give a clear, unambiguous warning that specifically mentions their cursing.

  1. “I’m sorry, but I cannot help you if you curse at me.”
  2. WORST CASE! “I am sorry, but you are frightening me, and I cannot help you today.”

And I will leave it at that.
I hope this helps people out there that are dealing with rude nasty foul mouth customers.
And as always, contact me with any questions you may have as I love answering questions!
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