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Flash Website Design – Pros and Cons

If you want to Flash on your web site, you will want to read this first. Flash comes with certain advantages and some serious disadvantages. You want to be aware of the pros and cons to using Flash before you build your entire website with flash. Keep reading to learn whether Flash can work for you and your website or not.

If you have spent any time on the Internet, then you have seen flash websites that really stand out and leave you amazed. Text flashes by, flowing shapes dance and move across the screen, and every mouse movement creates a different response from the web page. this is the incredible power of Adobe Flash.

Flash has been around for quite some time now. But the problem is SEO and ease of editing the website, if you want to change something its very difficult and expensive to have a designer make changes
For me, Flash has its place like in small banner ads or some small part of the site you want to stand out.
But remember that search engines have a hard time to “index” the meta data for accurate ranking…so if your thinking of using flash …use it SPARINGLY…

Overall, it is hard to say whether Flash is a good thing for what your wanting from a website, or a bad thing because of editability and “indexing” from search engines. It depends on the individual situation that the owner of a website finds him or herself in. To determine whether Flash is a good fit for a website or not, you must weight the pros and cons and then compare them based on the owners situation and needs.